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How to transform our higher education institutions to inclusive, international communities that offer access to a wide range of diverse students and staff, and that deliver graduates who function as qualified professionals in their field and citizens of the world?


My focus is on delivering research outcomes and recommendations pertaining to higher education internationalisation that are based on academic rigour and an in-depth understanding.


I advise on and deliver organisational change projects that support higher education institutions to deliver on their strategic internationalisation ambitions.


I provide inspirational and interactive key note presentations and in-company training for staff and organisations.


Gregersen-Hermans, J & Lauridsen, K.M. (2019) Unpacking the International Classroom. FORUM Magazine / European Association for International Education

Gregersen-Hermans, J. (2017) Intercultural Competence Development in Higher Education. In Deardorff, D. & Asarathanam, L. (Eds.) Intercultural Competence in Higher Education, International Approaches, Assessment and Applications. Internationalization in Higher Education series, Routledge.


New Book project: Enhancing International Programmes in Higher Education – An Educational Development Perspective, Routledge series Internationalisation in Higher Education; Series editor Prof (Emerita) Elspeth Jones, 2019 – 2020 click on the button more projects.