Book project:

Enhancing International Programmes in Higher Education – An Educational Development Perspective

Routledge series Internationalisation in Higher Education; Series editor Prof (Emerita) Elspeth Jones

2019 – 2020

As a spin-off from the EU project EQUiiP, my colleague Karen M. Lauridsen from Arhus University and I have been invited to edit this book. The book will offer a number of research informed chapters on elements of the EQUiiP project. One section of the book will include contextualised case studies  from other world regions. Another section will discuss the research approach we have developed to assess the added value of continuous professional development activities and associated research projects.

Book project:

2nd edition of the Handbook of Internationalisation of Higher Education

April – July, 2019

In collaboration with Craig Whitsed, Curtin University, Australia, and Marina Casals Sala, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain , I am co-authoring a chapter titled: “Engaging Staff and Faculty in the Internationalisation of Higher Education”.

EU project:

Educational Quality for inclusive international Programmes

(EQUiiP) >>

EU funded project 2016 – 2019

In this project, a team of seven universities developed an International Competencies profile for Education Developers and an associated Continuing Professional Development programme, Designing and Teaching Inclusive International Programmes. All material developed by the EQUiiP project are available at the EQUiiP website as an open source.

I am involved in this project as the Principal Investigator on behalf of Glasgow Caledonian University. I am member of the EQUiiP management  committee and the EQUiiP Scientific committee.

Research project:

Student perceptions on the added value of internationalisation

Policy research project at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Research consultancy 2018 – 2019

The Erasmus University Rotterdam aims to offer a high quality education environment that enhances students’ development into global citizens, who are able to make a difference across the globe. This project delivers an in-depth understanding of how students perceive the international aspects of their curriculum and the international classroom and how these international aspects contribute to and enhance the quality of education programmes at the EUR.

I am involved in this project as research consultant. I have developed the theoretical and conceptual model underpinning this project and the research methodology. I provide the academic supervision of the research project and ensure the quality of the analysis, conclusion and recommendations.